Robert farrow
by on June 1, 2020


Bob Myers, the pastor of Covenant Church in Doylestown, Pennsylvania cites white privilege among American Christians as a main factor leading to the death of George Floyd.

What happened to Floyd is outrageous. Every conservative I listen to, watch, or read feels the same way. And I am sure the cop will be justifiably found guilty. But just because some self hating pathetic pastor wants to pin some evil cops actions on me, doesn't mean I will go ahead and accept it.

So I have white privilege. Where is it? I grew up in a Baltimore city row home. I had a single parent for some of my life. I got into dozens of fights, with very few being of my own choosing. I had friends who did drugs and committed crimes, but I made the decision to not follow their path. I worked 2 jobs many times to pay my way through college. I bought cheap car to save money for a house. I got married first and then had kids and with my wife I work hard to support them. I give to the poor regularly, do my best to treat everyone fair, and before Red Francis, I went to Church weekly.

I am very sorry this happened, but none of this has anything to do with judging people by the content of their character instead by the color of their skin. And I do not want my kids, who have done nothing wrong, to feel guilty because they are white. This is the same crap as the “toxic masculinity” bullshit. And all this is doing is creating further division and thus more hatred. I save the guilt for the wusses and the guilty. If you want to end racism. Treat everyone the same. End of story.

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